Lardo of Colonnata

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הפעם אנחנו מתכבדים לארח בבלוג הנכבד את פטריציה,  איטלקיה אמיתית מנאפולי, אשר מתגוררת כרגע בעיר קארארה שבטוסקנה. מספרים על פטריציה שהיא מסוגלת לבשל כששתי ידיה, עיניה ורגליה קשורות מאחורי הגב. כששמעתי היכן היא מתגוררת כרגע נזכרתי בשינקן המיוחד של העיר קרארה וביקשתי ממנה לכתוב עליו משהו.


When you look at the Apuane Alps on the North-tirreanean coast of Italy, it is impossible not to be impressed by the „whiteness“ which surrounds you. One might think to see a by-snow-fully covered mountain chain, but you are actually close to one of the richest marble source in the world, the city of Carrara. Everybody can imagine how much marble influences the construction and interior design industry, but that it also contributed to developing a fine and special pork product might be surprising.

Carrara from the air. The marble quarries are visible on top (Source: Wikipedia)

The history of the Lardo of Colonnata is intimately connected to the marble. It started to be produced in Roman times as food for men working in the marble quarries who, thus, needed a high-calorie diet. It is a kind of salami which is cured in local Carrara marble and seasoned with herbs. Recently it has been awarded the IGP quality certification and attracts a vast amount of tourists every year.

It is still made in the town of Colonnata (a few kilometres from Carrara) in the Apuane Alps in the traditional way. Layers of fatback are alternated with herbs such as pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, sage and rosemary. The marble used is rubbed with garlic and the maturation time can last from 6 to 10 months.
Although it was thought for hard working men, it has a soft consistency and sweet flavor which is conferred by the herbs and spices used in the preparation. It should be served just melting on hot pieces of toast, but it is also good as it is accompanied by a very hefty red wine.

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